Working with Clients

We can assure you that should you decide to work with us, we will ensure that we stay within the guidelines and procedures you give us. We know there is nothing worse than for recruiters to be ‘sneaking around’ trying to circumvent correct processes. Having been involved in the recruitment of around 500 people, we know what a tough job you have. We will keep you updated regularly and if necessary, tell you if we feel what you are asking is unlikely to be achieved.

We stay in touch with candidates between offer and joining date as they are vulnerable at this time to counter offers. Once a candidate has joined you, we check that they are happy on a number of occasions, particularly in the first weeks and months. We are thus able to defuse potential problems so your recruitment efforts are not wasted.

We are not interested in working with just anyone. Like you we want a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties treat each other in a professional way. From our clients, we ask for a reasonable turn around regarding suitability of candidates submitted and expected timescales. Like you, we value our reputation. It’s quality not quantity for us.

We recommend meeting together face to face early on and then at appropriate intervals, as this results in us delivering a better service to you.

Working with Candidates

We will represent your company well to potential employees by handling candidates in a professional and timely manner with good communication. We won’t exaggerate the opportunity or oversell it, leaving you with a less than motivated employee. We keep in touch with candidates throughout the process and provide them with updates. We ask for information from candidates that most recruiters don’t in an effort to ‘weed out’ good CV writers in an effort to see the results match the claims.